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Shattered Skies

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Shattered Skies is a massive persistent

open world shooter featuring

full loot drop, ruthless PVP and dynamic objectives with support for large scale group vs group skirmishes. Gain experience and level up your character to be able to use better weapons and crafting recipes. Explore the world to find epic loot and character cosmetic items, trade with NPCs as well as other players. Secure your loot in the safety of the Global Vault, accessible at specific non combat zones on the map. Dominate the world of Shattered Skies with your friends!


  • PAY ONCE PLAY FOREVER We keep it simple — one time purchase. No microtransactions, no season passes, no paid DLCs. We want you to enjoy the game without feeling pressured to buy boosts or items to stay competitive. All items, guns, cosmetics and character advancement in Shattered Skies is earned through good old fashioned gameplay.

  • FAIR PLAYPlayer integrity is a huge part of the game and cheats simply make it no fun. Shattered Skies uses a state-of-the-art Anticheat system developed specifically for the needs of our player base because we know dealing with cheaters is one of the most important parts of running a stable MMO. We also have a zero tolerance ban policy, with players who are caught cheating being banned forever. We work to identify them and then ban all the new accounts that they will create.

  • NOT A SURVIVAL SHOOTERShattered Skies features core survival mechanics as a baseline that glues the gameplay together. With degree of realism with Food and Water management as well as medical conditions effects for your character, Shattered Skies ultimately is not striving for hyper-realism. We want players to have fun.

  • EXTENSIVE GUN CUSTOMIZATIONCustomize weapons you find in game with unique barrel, side rail, optic and grip modifications that instantly change the stats and handling of weapons. Explore different combinations of weapon attachments to achieve truly unique weaponry fit to your own play style. With flashlights that can be toggled on and off for blinding opponents, flash hiders to reduce muzzle flash and grips to greatly reduce weapon climb and recoil, optics for all sorts of different ranges of combat and many more attachments we're sure you'll find your niche with our weapon customization. Certain rare weapons can also use an assortment of unique weapon skins that can be looted and traded for in the world of Shattered Skies.

  • GLOBAL VAULTThe Global Vault is a protected permanent storage available to all players. The Global Vault exists so that you can store your most valuable possessions for use at a later time. Some items are best used in conjunction with others and so storing them away in your Global Vault is a great way to keep them protected until it's the right time to use them. Global Vaults can be found within both Dominion Outposts as well as Brotherhood Hideouts.

  • LOOTING & WORLD EXPLORATIONCollect hundreds of lootable items that can be used in conjunction or independently making game play dynamic and unique each time you visit any area. Scattered throughout the world are: foods, liquids, weapons, weapon attachments, grenades, lootbags, deployables, landmines, traps, fortifications, armors and character customization's as well as special static loot crate spawns which can be opened like a treasure chest if you're lucky enough to find them. Supply Drops also float down from the sky randomly with precious rare loot and they are marked on your HUD to let everyone fight for them. Shattered Skies is a full loot drop game where PVP is not only encouraged, it's rewarded.

  • POWER PLAYAdvance your character's level and increase your reputation with 3 unique factions: The Dominion, The Brotherhood of Chaos and The Merchants Guild. Each faction offers unique rewards to those who have earned their respect. Level up your character by exploring the world, completing tasks, fighting monsters and participating in world events!

  • NON-COMBAT ZONES & HIDEOUTSThere are two types of special areas in Shattered Skies: Dominion Outposts & Brotherhood Hideouts. The core difference between the two being the No-Combat zone within the Dominion Outposts and the lack of No-Combat zone within Brotherhood Hideouts. Dominion Outposts are a great place to meet up with your friends without the risk of other players interfering due to the nature of the Non-Combat rule set. Dominion Outposts are a great place to meet new players and establish groups or trade with players or NPC's. Brotherhood hideouts while more conveniently located on the map are best used quickly and discretely as other players may be looking to ambush you while you're accessing the Global Vault.

  • DYNAMIC OBJECTIVESThere are multiple ways to collect rewards and earn experience via dynamic objectives available to players on the map: Dominion Roadblocks, Merchant Guild Uplink Stations and the Dominion Reactor. Roadblocks and Uplink Stations are solo or group PVE activities that provide rewards to players who can successfully repair the damaged equipment located around the objective and successfully secure it. The Dominion Reactor event is a special group only hybrid PVE/PVP activity in which groups must fight to stabilize the reactor. The group that successfully stabilizes the reactor are all rewarded for their participation.

  • CHARACTER PROGRESSION & CUSTOMIZATIONSAdvance your character and gain experience by slaying aliens, completing map objectives, opening rare Loot Crates or killing other players. As your character levels up you'll be able to equip higher level equipment that will help you in player vs player combat as well as against alien foes. As you play the game and participate in activities you'll unlock permanent cosmetic items for your character that can be equip any time and do not ever drop on death. Dress your character to suit your mood and charge into battle with style.

  • DYNAMIC FORTIFICATIONEver wanted to fortify your favorite hiding spot? Now you can with various fortifications which can be deployed on the fly for your convenience. Create cover in the middle of an open field to turn the tide of an otherwise one sided PVP ambush with just a few deployable barricades. Keep Aliens at bay while you safely escape out the back window of a house in the nick of time. We're sure you'll find all sorts of uses for these deployable cover objects.

  • FRIENDS & GROUPS Shattered Skies is a PVP game at heart and we expect you to play with friends and group with others to tackle the objectives on the map as sometimes it can be dangerous to go alone. Add players to your friends list and play the game together with them via a simple click of a button. Once a player has accepted your friend request you can join their server and meet up almost instantly rather than spend all night running across the world trying to meet up. We have made it as convenient as possible for players to meet up with friends and form groups to tackle the challenges of Shattered Skies.

  • CRAFTING - BECAUSE YOU KNOW......All survival shooters are supposed to have crafting right? We think of crafting as a nice side dish but not as the main course. Crafting in Shattered Skies will help you instantly get benefit through whichever items you decide the craft or improve. Our crafting is unique in that we keep crafting materials separate of the player inventory making managing crafting materials a breeze for any user. Crafting materials don't drop on death, don't take up any inventory space and don't take up any weight. Craft immediately from your stash of crafting supplies on the fly anywhere in the world as long as the recipe doesn't require a Crafting Table in which case you'll have to locate a Crafting Table to complete the craft.

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400

    • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770
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