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Total War: ARENA

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About the game

  • Team-based strategy with epic-scale realtime battles
  • Built for multiplayer RTS fans: fast-paced 10v10 battles on custom made battlefield maps, where decisive strategies, combat tactics and teamwork will decide who is victorious.
  • Players control three units of warriors led by an iconic commander from history, each with their own battle style. Choose from Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Germanicus, Caesar and more.
  • Deep progression: level up commanders and units to open up even more specialist skills, weaponry, armour and abilities.
  • Total War’s epic scale and high quality strategy gameplay, designed purely for multiplayer.
  • Play for free with option for in-game purchases to customise units and speed progression.

The Beta is now closed.

Please visit for all future Total War: Arena updates.

See you on the battlefield.

The ARENA Team

  • OS: To be confirmed.

  • OS: To be confirmed.

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