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ibb & obb - Soundtrack by Kettel

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About the game

Kettel is a Dutch electronic musician. He's known for his warm melodic tunes and has been releasing albums since 2001.

The soundtrack for ibb & obb is his first game related work.

In order to get the soundtrack you need to have the game ibb & obb installed.

The MP3 files download to the soundtrack folder in the game. Typically that can be found in:

...Steamsteamappscommonibbandobbsoundtrack album

Track List01 Welcome to ibb & obb

02 Clarity

03 Clara

04 Clear

05 Fincity

06 Secret Pelle

07 Secret Mersken

08 Post

09 Post Crow

10 Post Hero

11 Secret BB

12 Nord

13 Nord Ruined

14 Nord Marathon

15 Nord Nerves

16 Secret Pers

17 Secret Maggot

18 Ghost

19 Ghost Cave

20 Ghost Hop

21 Secret Baby

22 Secret Amanda

23 Secret Dewuko

24 Krabs

25 Krabs Lont

26 Krabs Chased

To listen to more of Kettel's work, visit:

  • Memory: 150 MB RAM

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