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DEFENDERS is a 2D-sidescrolling platformer that is NOT inspired by the games of yore. It's slick, snappy and chock-a-block with fast-paced combat and twitchy platforming. It's the first ever DEFENDERS game, the first game to be set in the FARIA fictional universe and the first game to ever be released by Bright Lanterns!

Don't allow your senses to be betrayed by its charming and colourful visuals, however. Nay; you must have your wits about you! For no matter which game mode you choose, whatever ensues will be a manic, unpredictable fight for survival. With two extensive campaigns, each with unique playstyles and a third game mode consisting of an entirely random, procedurally-generated dungeoneering adventure; you are guaranteed an enthralling and exclusive experience every time you boot the game up. Respectively:

In the first campaign, you take on the role of Linda Stormhawke. You must hunt down and slay an overly-productive Globin brood-mother. The coast, hills, towns and forests of Port Faria and the Shores of All are practically overrun with the sticky blighters; so following their syrupy trail home into the Tanglewood shouldn't be too hard. But if the Globins have you stuck or the Soltraps have you sapped, enlist the aid of your friend to help or hinder you on your journey!

In this campaign, you're the renowned hero Bear Firesong, thrust into the foul pits of Thunderdump Stronghold, in the Itchy-Ditch Swamplands; homeland of the Orcs of Faria. As the Orc-Chieftain Bog-Gob VII threatens another campaign across the freelands of the kingdom, Bear has been granted the opportunity to duel Bog-Gob himself under the condition he is able to survive the chieftain's personal dungeon "Washed-One Grinder". Can you see Bear through to the end so he may take on Bog-Gob? Or will you crumble under the pressure and succumb to the horrors Bog-Gob has prepared for you within the foulest reaches of his domain? Co-op supported, too!

Beyond the Earth-Whisper Meadows, through the Starshell Rainforest, past the Silverstream Village of the GuaiGuai tribe and over the Turtle Glades lies a knoll. What was once thought to be an unremarkable knoll has quickly garnered the attention of the DEFENDERS guild. Through a passage burrowed atop this knoll, vast caverns strewn with crumbling ruins have been discovered. But before any eager archaeologist meets an untimely demise in that twisted maze, it's up to you to clear out the abundance of frightful monsters lurking in its wretchedly dark pits.

.Stormhawke single-player and co-op campaign that takes you on a lengthy adventure across vast plains, through thick forests and long-forgotten ruins.

.Firesong single-player and co-op campaign that sees you tackling different rooms with light puzzle mechanics. Grab the key and get out! Features over 50 hand-crafted levels.

.Dungeon Delve single-player only mode, a procedurally-generated dungeoneering affair that sees you descending, floor-by-floor, chamber-by-chamber, collecting as much gold as you can along the way. A random, completely different experience awaits you every time. I wonder... can you reach the 100th chamber? There must be SOMETHING down there!

.Twitchy, skillful combat. Switch between your axe and bow effortlessly, dealing with the nefarious hordes of enemies in whichever way you see fit.

.A wide range of different enemies will descend upon you not just on foot but from the skies, also. Keeo an eye out for explosive enemies, however! Their destructive tendencies alter the terrain entirely unscriptedly!

.Gamepad support!

.Catchy music!

.It's tougher than a Cuban boxer made of diamond.

. A plethora of beautiful trading cards, emoticons and backgrounds to own on Steam.


Lift your swords. Nock your arrows. And pledge fealty to the DEFENDERS guild, the free-peoples of Faria and the countless hidden treasure chests out there awaiting your plunderous mitts!

  • OS: Windows 7 and up
  • Processor: 1.4GHz Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Any GPU from the last decade (Russel Hobbs Toasters included)
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Yes, if you want audio.
  • Additional Notes: Game is 1080p only.

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